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Annie Bjork, LMFT

After suffering a dramatic loss, I acted upon a long held desire to shift my career away from business and toward a profession where I could make a positive impact on others.  Being a therapist feeds my head and my heart - I feel so grateful to be doing this work!


I received my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California.  I have training in AEDP, Advanced Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, which is based on attachment theory and is steeped in somatic awareness. I also have a background in Family Systems theory and family systems in addiction.  I am a registered parenting specialist in the county of Marin and have trained with Polly Ely, the founder of the Lab Method for parents.  

My passion for helping parents is inspired by my love of family and by my 2 teenage daughters who challenge me to be my best self every day. 

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