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My Services

For the health and safety of my clients, all sessions are currently

taking place via video 


Develop Resilience  •  Get In Touch with Your Best Self 


It isn’t always easy to get back on track after hitting some bumps in the road. In fact, it can be downright depleting!  But there is a way to feel like you are starting your life again; to have more confidence, make choices you can feel proud of and, most of all, know yourself better. 

In therapy I act as your guide to accompany you through the challenges you’re facing and to help you discover other ways to cope.  Together we will dive deeply into the feelings that are holding you back and learn to understand them better.  Our work together will fortify you from the inside out so you feel grounded, ready to overcome hurdles and embrace opportunities.  We will cultivate and track your somatic awareness so you will develop resilience and self-acceptance, while learning to let go of patterns that no longer serve you. 



Stay clear  •  Hold your ground  •  Feel connected


Family life can feel like an uphill climb, but there is hope.  With my help, you will gain perspective on what is happening in your home. When parents are clear on how to move forward, the whole family benefits.  As you and your partner or co-parent gain a better understanding of yourself and your reactions, as well as those of your kids, you will be setting the stage for a more loving, connected household.  If needed, I divide sessions between parent work and family work. In that way each family member has a voice, past hurts are addressed and the family can start to realign in a new, healthier direction. 


Our work together will help you feel grounded even during tough moments.  We will build up your resilience and find just the right tools – and the right words – to deal with sticky situations, no matter what your kids throw your way.


Families with Troubled Teens

 A struggling child can put unbearable pressure on a family.  Couples often disagree on what to do next. Parents’ intense reactions can unwittingly push kids further away instead of bringing them closer. Family work is crucial to help teens find their footing again and get the family back in tune.  I work with teens and their families to address problematic patterns of relating so that everyone can feel seen and heard for the challenges they're facing and move toward healthy and accepting relationships. 


Open Up  •  Get Real  •  Be Heard 

As humans we thrive in connection – but a large part of feeling connected is being seen and heard by the one we love.  When you and your partner are out of tune, the whole relationship suffers; intimacy wanes, arguments increase, as do resentments, anger and feelings of loneliness.  Rekindling the fire of communication and connection is critical to moving forward in a healthy, loving way.  When we are real with the person we love, in a way they can actually take in, intimacy starts to flourish.   In couple’s therapy with me you will learn to slow down, break down old, ineffective communication patterns, tap into true feelings, repair old hurts and identify tools to keep the fire burning in and outside of sessions. 

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